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Jacob Berry
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The Miami Marlins farm system declined since the Trade Deadline. It's still a solid system, but one that definitely has seen better days in the past. The question going forward is of course which of the prospects will end up helping the Major League team. Kim Ng recently spoke about some Major League players, but some Minor League ones as well. So how do some of these Minor Leaguers look right now?

The Miami Marlins farm system is going to improve in the near future.

Having an elite farm system is the key to building a winning team, especially if said team doesn't spend that much in free agency. The current list of the top 30 Miami Marlins prospects looks thinner in quality than at the start of the season, but players do get better. Case in point is 1B Troy Johnston. Troy has been on a 30 game on-base streak, which is pretty impressive to say the least. The #23 prospect on The Fish, is currently batting .365/.426/.617 in AAA. The only knock on him is that he's already 26 years old.

#8 on the list is 2B/SS Yiddi Cappe and he's worth mentioning as well. He has a great arm and could be a defensive upgrade when he's eventually called up to the Major Leagues. Unfortunately, he's currently only batting .224/.251/.317 in A+.

#1 Miami Marlins prospect RHP Noble Meyer is certainly living up to his status. In his debut at the Florida State League, he pitched 3 innings and allowed 0 walks and just 2 hits, while racking up 4 strikeouts. He didn't do so good in his second start however. Kim Ng says that it's "part of the plan", and that he's "a fairly polished pitcher".

What about #5 Miami Marlins prospect AA 3B Jacob Berry? How is he currently doing? He's batting .255/.297/.455.Kim Ng had this to say about him: “Jacob has been doing pretty well in Double-A,” Ng said. “He's been there maybe three weeks, so a decent number of ABs under his belt, so that's been great to see.” Hopefully Kim is right and Berry will ultimately help the team at the Major League level.

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