Transparency is key for the Miami Marlins to succeed

Peter Bendix and Bruce Sherman need to be hinest with the fanbase
Bruce Sherman
Bruce Sherman / Mark Brown/GettyImages

We already know what plan PBO Peter Bendix and owner Bruce Sherman have for the Miami Marlins. We also know that Bendix has a great talent of saying a lot, but revealing nothing. That "talent" is not exactly a good thing. This leads to the fans thinking that the team is actively trying to lose. How else do you explain controversial trades early in the season? Well... that trade is explainable but the issue remains...

Transparency is the key to Bendix and Sherman winning the Miami Marlins fans over.

The Miami Marlins have a history that includes a historic World Series win (fastest for an expansion team at the time); more World Series wins in the last 30 years than 90% of all teams; and sadly many losing seasons and horrible sell-offs. This left a bad taste in the fans' mouths and quite a bit of distrust for the team's owners.

Bruce Sherman, the latest owner, had a chance to change this trajectory. So far, it doesn't appear as if he's trying particularly hard to do so. He has a reputation of a lack of spending on the team, and not trying hard enough for it to win. The PBO Peter Bendix has built himself a reputation for not trying to win either, while that isn't true, his interview with Craig Mish certainly didn't help matters.

The issue that the Miami Marlins have is the lack of transparency with the fans. There's no need to give up secrets that other teams can use against the team, but simple honesty. All that Sherman has to do is call a press conference and explain why he's different from previous owners. Make it clear that he wants the team to win, tell us the timeline of contention, tell us when we can expect to see the team try hard to win.

The most important thing is for Sherman, as well as Peter Bendix is to stop sounding like robots. We don't want to hear more scripted answers. We want honest answers that take into consideration how much the fanbase has struggled. Show that you care about us and we will show caring back.

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