Weekly Recap (1/2/12-1/8/12)

This is going to be our first weekly recap of 2012. We will still be following the format we were following in the past. My weekly recap posts will usually go up on Monday’s and are a quick way to recap what was talked about on MarlinManiac in the past week, in the case that someone missed something during the week and would like to read and catch up. Let us get started with last week’s recap:

Will Stanifer:

  • Will started the New Year off with some new resolutions. Will examined what went wrong for the Miami Marlins in 2011, and how they can fix that this season.
  • Will also spent some time in Orlando this past week, watching his Gamecocks play in their bowl game. While in Orlando, Will noticed that the Marlins popularity is increasing. Will noticed tons and tons of Marlins merchandise. My advise, go buy those now before they are all gone!


Cory Eucalitto:

James C. Etzbach Jr.:

  • Now we must move onto the bad news. The end of the world may seriously be upon us. Well, at least for Marlins fans. We now have to live in shame. I bet Jeffery Loria saw this and started to fist pump.


Ehsan Kassim:

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