Weekly Recap (3/5/12-3/11/12)


We had another productive week at Marlin Maniac. This week introduced us two new writers on Marlin Maniac. We are very excited to have both writers join our staff and continue to provide you Maniac’s with the best Marlins content on the web.

Lets get started with the weekly recap

Will Stanifer:

Matthew Schnur:

James C. Etzbach Jr.:

Ehsan Kassim:

Here is the

Miami Marlins Season preview of second base

. What kind of season is

Omar Infante

going to provide the Marlins. Will he return to his hitting form with the Atlanta Braves or will he struggle again? Find out in my preview with some projections

Now we move onto the new writers on Marlin Maniac. We hope to have these two on for the long term. Here is their first posts on MM!

Bill Moore:

Al DeGaetano:

  • Al takes a look at Ozzie Guillen and the chances that he will have a run in with the front office. In my opinion, those chances are very high!