Weekly Recap (4/9/12-4/15/12)


After a 3-3 week, the Miami Marlins will take the field for another 6 games, and this time, they hope to be over .500 for the week. The Marlins are coming fresh off of their second walk-off win to open their new stadium, which has never been done in Major League history, by the way.

Lets get another exciting week started with a look back at the past week:

Will Stanifer:

Matthew Schnur:

Bill Moore:


James C. Etzbach Jr.:

  •  Interested in seeing some of Ozzie Guillen’s interests? Check out this post by James to see what Ozzie likes to do after games and his other interests.
  • James takes a look at some past punishments that have happened for inappropriate remarks. All of these people had a long road back to being loved. Is it going to be this hard for Ozzie?

Ehsan Kassim: